Tech is the economy

Bots, bitcoin, machine learning and VR are some of the tech trends receiving coverage right now but whatever unfolds in 2017 it is clear that digital business now dominates the economy.

IDC believes that 50% of the Global 2000 companies will depend on digital products, services and experiences to connect with customers next year. For example, putting the shopping experience into the hands of consumers has revolutionized business and that ‘anywhere, anytime’ availability will not change.  The winners will be the companies best able to make the customer journey seamless.

Creating exceptional customer experiences can only happen if employees have what they need to hand too – relaying updates, allowing decisions to be made quickly and enabling task completion.

It is why Interchange Group dedicates itself to offering practical solutions at the pinch points that matter – where customers and employees interact with business.

And no matter what changes in 2017, one thing won’t – what people expect from tech. They want it to work for them and that will continue to be our focus.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017.