Digital innovation and risk control

Manage risk, stay secure

IT complexity and security threat levels are increasing. As the digital workplace moves data and processes to cloud, mobile and social, it also moves outside the enterprise’s control.

Our clients work in regulated sectors, government and defence so we understand how stringent security standards must be.

But we also appreciate that companies need to be agile and responsive and we provide insight and practical solutions so you can continue to benefit from digitalization and mobility.

By analyzing business use and mapping weak points, we will ensure that you have the products, services and support needed to maintain a secure environment.

Our security services include:

  • Network security assessments
  • Mobile security audit
  • Attack and penetration testing
  • Security policy advice and production
  • Intrusion detection systems

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Our best-of-breed security products include:

Apply Mobile’s iDENtear® is a user-friendly multi-layer and multi-factor authentication device for identity and access control. It secures data access for employees using smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other computing device with a simple click of a button.
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Apply Mobile’s iDENprotect™ software uses the security chips within devices so that security is anchored to the latest mobile security features.  This innovative use of on-device security offers high levels of security and a simple user experience.
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Cyberinc’s Isla® is a breakthrough solution in digital security. It prevents advanced web malware from compromising an organization’s systems by isolating all external web content outside of the corporate firewall. In this way, employees can access browsers and remain productive while organizations stay secure.
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