Real-world matters

Tech vendors love to talk about the possible. That ‘what if…’ is what propels innovation but it is easy to argue that an idea only becomes a great idea once it can be shown to work.

This month, our predictive intelligence partner HAL24K teamed up with engineering firm Tauw to win the prestigious Rijkswaterstaat Data Challenge; working with historic data to model how to extract as much social, ecological and economic efficiency from a cubic meter of water in the Netherlands.

HAL24K combined artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict water levels and outline what adjustments would be required for optimal water distribution between the different management areas.

That may sound somewhat technical and vague but for a country that largely sits below sea water level it is imperative. In spite of the renowned expertise the Dutch have modeling and managing their water systems, the HAL24K and Tauw team provided proof that learning from past data can provide real-time predictions and the power to transform how we use, manage and conserve vital resources.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now at work. Transforming streams of data and engaging with ultra-complex systems so that smart cities and infrastructure can be realized.

For further information, download HAL24K´s press release here