Distribute and gather critical information

Connect and collect

All organizations differ. But what they share is the need to keep communications with their staff open, up-to-date and secure and it is why Interchange has pioneered mobility solutions that support our clients’ aims.

PUSHLOOP is a mobile app that addresses specific needs. It offers three modules, that can work separately or as a suite.



Library allows administrators to update, distribute and manage information, so they know when each device has received critical notifications. It is also a simple way to audit communications trails.



Makes sure your people know who to contact in an emergency situation by creating and pushing key contact lists to users’ smartphones so that they are available at all times.



If you have a need for secure, real-time updates from teams on the ground, Events has the functionality you need. Its capture and collect feature allows mobile workers to pass on photographic, audio, video and written reports.

PUSHLOOP is now a critical part of our regular and emergency communication plans: critical communication, emergency contact lists and day to day business updates are shared with our global staff. The content is pushed to them when they are online, but is available at any time, on a plane, in the desert, even on London Underground.”

CIO, international development agency


Emergency management
PUSHLOOP ensures your employees have secure and easy access to up-to-date contact lists, procedures and documentation via their mobile devices.
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Field worker support
PUSHLOOP provides staff working offsite with the updates they need when dealing with customers. They can also return forms and feed picture and video files back to your central office.
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Critical staff communications
PUSHLOOP elevates important information and documents above the stream of daily emails. It also acts as a living library, circulating documents and audio or video files for training or briefings.
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For more information on how PUSHLOOP can help your organization contact us at info@interchangegroup.com.