PUSHLOOP leading the way in iOS content push

By Hans Sporrel:

What can you manage in 30 seconds? Not a great deal and yet when iOS devices receive a push, apps only get around half a minute of background processing time. Something of a challenge should administrators want to push out a large video file.

It’s widely known in development circles that background downloads on iOS devices cannot always be relied on when there is a need to download a lot of data. Things improved with iOS8 onwards as these later operating systems will download content for an extended period of time, and Interchange partner PUSHLOOP was one of the first to support these new features.

However, iOS still has limitations when synchronizing large amounts of data as it will stop downloading content on behalf of the app if it thinks it’s getting too busy to service the request.
Consequently, many customers will not use iOS devices for large scale urgent content distribution.

For those that do, PUSHLOOP monitors when iOS prevents downloads, giving the administrator a view of incomplete content distribution and the ability to re-push urgent content out to specific users.

But now, the PUSHLOOP team has gone one step further. Working closely with Apple’s developer support team, PUSHLOOP compresses and aggregates the content itself. This significantly improves the reliability of content pushes on iOS devices, dramatically reducing the need for repeat pushes with larger content directories.

Users may not notice much of a difference, which is exactly how it should be. But your administration teams will sleep a lot more soundly, which is precisely what we hoped for.

To find out more visit http://www.pushloop.io/