PUSHLOOP delivers the news

By John Hyde:

You can spend weeks preparing for disruption scenarios and get all people trained and documentation in place. But when it happens what is the first step?


PUSHLOOP clients have been telling us that while the targeted and reliable distribution of content using the PUSHLOOP Library is great, they also needed the ability to attract the attention of users simply and quickly. It is why we made PUSHLOOP Messages so that users can quickly compose a message and send it to the right people to alert them about a situation.

In PUSHLOOP Library you can now quickly get to see the messages received, efficiently categorized and published in appropriate channels. The app highlights unread messages and uses color coding for priority. You will be alerted to new messages in the device notification center, while high-priority messages will be automatically presented straight away.

To control this there is now an extra button in the PUSHLOOP console in the header area of each published channel. It lets you view the earlier messages and create new ones against that channel. Messages are simple: a subject and short body, a priority and a number of days before it expires. When you send a message, it uses push technology to deliver the message to the selected channel users as quickly as possible. Messages expire after a number of days but can also be withdrawn if they are no longer applicable. As with all PUSHLOOP communication, messages are tracked so that you can easily see who has received and who has viewed it.

PUSHLOOP Messages is designed to facilitate exactly what users asked us for: quick, reliable and structured text message distribution. Whether you need to let staff know about a building closure, remind everyone about an event today or ask people to check in, you are now able to send a quick message and track its distribution and consumption.

To find out more visit http://www.pushloop.io/