PUSHLOOP adds GPS tracking for ease of auditing

By John Hyde:

Isn’t it frustrating when a customer disputes your company’s account of what happened? How can you present reliable evidence that your people were where you said they were in the disputed time slot?


PUSHLOOP Events lets you gather data from the field and location stamps it. Tracking extends that idea so that you can now choose to maintain a GPS device track for a particular event or across multiple events. This is useful for auditing of your communication trails, providing extra information on a job and assisting with employee safety.

In the Events section of the PUSHLOOP client you now have an option to start GPS location tracking. Select it and it will start tracking your device, either generally or associated with a specific event. It will record a new GPS location every minute (user defined) and synchronize these readings back to the PUSHLOOP console when connectivity permits. You can limit the duration of the tracking to automatically end after a set time or press the button again to manually stop tracking.

To find out more visit http://www.pushloop.io/ or contact us via info@interchangegroup.com.