By Hans Sporrel:

Organizations understand that they have to keep customers happy and accept that unhappy ones are vocal, reportedly telling up to 16 people about a bad experience.

Yet the stats are not all grim as 95% of dissatisfied customers will do business with a company again if their complaint is resolved quickly. Plus people do let others know if their issue was resolved speedily.

We’ve all experienced poor service or taken receipt of inadequate goods and we all know that what matters is the ability of an organization to listen, acknowledge and remedy matters quickly.

It’s why companies need to be equipped to handle live issues seamlessly, particularly for employees working offsite. Engineers, assessors, field sales personnel are just a few of the teams that benefit when they can communicate and upload information for back office teams to action, and management decisions can be shared immediately so that issues can be resolved swiftly.

Our partner company PUSHLOOP understands the importance of customer service and has continued to develop the functionality of PUSHLOOP. Rather than sending back forms alone, offsite staff can now document events with picture and video files and the app documents and syncs them for back office use.

We’d all like to get things right 100% of the time but until we do, it is useful to have tech such as PUSHLOOP to help make amends and retain customers.

To find out more about how PUSHLOOP improves field worker support and customer satisfaction, read our product sheet here.