By John Hyde:

Interchange’s ecosystem partner PUSHLOOP has launched a version 2.2 of its business productivity app. The new solution will make a big difference to organizations that seek to add agility and responsiveness to their existing workflow systems.

The new release now includes a set of features that means an external system can talk to PUSHLOOP and PUSHLOOP can respond. Existing systems can be easily and securely integrated so that teams on the ground can receive job information via their mobile devices and update work in progress efficiently via the app, safe in the knowledge that all their reports are securely time stamped, marked with a GPS location and automatically synchronized with back-office systems.

As tasks commonly involve more than one staff member, PUSHLOOP v2.2 also ensures that when an event (or report) is created, each user’s device not only picks up the information from the server but continues to find out what is new, retrieve it and flag it for a response on the PUSHLOOP event list.

It’s quick and reliable, as is the ability to seamlessly add a new user to an existing event, allowing their devices to download all relevant information so that all users are up to speed.

Plus administrators can now choose which database they want to populate as data captured from users on and offsite is returned via customizable forms. Information is easily separated and more accessible.

All of the updates have been built around one aim – to make PUSHLOOP work for business.

With the app in hand, organizations and their teams can continue to use existing systems but benefit from the flow of fast, secure and practical communications that PUSHLOOP enables.

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