No Map, No Rules

By Hans Sporrel:

Dr Patricia Seemann, a former surgeon, now works with executive teams, helping them to navigate risk and identify opportunities, now a crying need in a business world subject to the relentless pace of innovation and disruption.

This new environment has no maps and no rules and the challenge for organizations is to learn faster than the competition and create products or services capable of satisfying restless, connected and demanding consumers.

An ex-surgeon may not sound an obvious choice but the ability to deliver ‘precise interventions with a steady hand’, does. It is why all of the projects our teams undertake begin by listening to clients as it allows issues to be understood – vital if solutions are to be effective.

And the conversation has to be ongoing, we recognise that we have to continually adapt our products and services so that they can better support what our clients are setting out to achieve.

Dr Seemann works on ‘wicked problems’; organisational, political, emotional and cognitive. They create complexity and inertia at the heart of companies and she advises: “You cannot go back and use the tools you were taught to use.”

It is a powerful insight as organizations face a brave new world. It is why tech vendors need to pay as much attention to their ability to work in close collaboration with their clients as they do product innovation.