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Interchange Group - Mobile Data Solutions

A well as providing a wide portfolio of our own IPR and third party applications, Interchange's mobile applications experts will mobilise existing corporate systems or design and develop custom mobile applications to extend the reach of enterprise systems in all areas of mobile and remote working and helping to:

  • integrate a mobile workforce;
  • deliver a higher-performance organisation;
  • improve business processes;
  • increase productivity; and
  • lower operational costs.


  • Field Service and CRM
  • Salesforce Automation
  • eMobile Engineer and Field Operations Portal
  • Time Recording & Billing
  • Mobile Data Forms for Data Distribution / Update
  • Timesheet Management
  • Remote Server Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Mobile Office Products & Services (Mobile eMail and PIM, including BlackBerry)
  • Mobile Internet (generic browsing, Intranet, Portals -XDA and PDA but also BlackBerry)
  • Mobile / Wireless Devices including portable Bluetooth scanners and printers
  • Servisit™ Mobile Solutions
  • Digital Pen and Anoto Handwriting Recognition solutions
  • GroupWise BlackBerry specialist
  • Idokorro Remote System Administration
  • Flowfinity Mobile Data Collection
  • Remote Worker Applications and Portals
  • Wireless Office
  • Corporate Information, Content Management, and Collaboration

….and many more standard industry applications as well.

Standard Applications or Bespoke Development?

We understand that there are many broad "standard" definitions of types of mobile work, and that your staff probably carries out a huge variety of tasks that are less neatly categorised, based upon the roles that individuals play in your organisation.

Our aim is to help to create solutions that are perfectly tailored to your mobile needs. So, as well as deploying standard applications, Interchange developers and systems integrators can link to or write mobile applications that keep staff in touch with your existing back-office CRM or operational systems.

We have a dedicated UK mobile application development and support team as well as technical consultancy, installation, implementation and network infrastructure specialists. This means that we can advise on, and deliver, more complex and flexible solutions using our development toolkits, especially important where standard "out of the box" functionality will not suffice.

We are a quality conscious, standards based, company (ISO.9001 / IIP / Prince). In addition our full Assure™ risk reduction and benefits delivery methodology can be deployed in mobile data projects. Using this methodology we can define and deliver guaranteed bottom-line results and change management success criteria.

Development Services

  • Bespoke Software Applications
  • Mobilisation of existing customer applications
  • Application and Systems' Integration
  • RIM BlackBerry development including MDS Studio, native J2ME and Flowfinity
  • Development Tools
  • Sourcing, testing, installation, and support of 3rd party applications and products for BlackBerry, Microsoft, and UNIX operating systems.
  • Advanced Flowfinity Solution Development
  • Ongoing Support

Case Studies - The Interchange Advantage

We have already helped many organisations to deliver corporate applications across the Internet, provide push email to staff on mobile devices, and enable business process optimisation through the deployment of secure, mobile web enabled systems.

These are just a few examples of customers that we have helped to develop and implement a mobile data solution:

Interchange has the right type of solution for you and the services to ensure that you get the best ongoing business return on your investment.

Because we are not tied to a single supplier, we won't recommend a "one size fits all" approach but will consider your business needs before making a recommendation

Service & Support

  • For total peace of mind, Interchange can provide a complete range of technical and professional services including:
  • Needs Analysis and Solution Design
  • Technical Consultancy and Training
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Network Upgrades and Configuration
  • Process Review and Business Consultancy
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Reactive and Proactive Maintenance

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Read more about Interchange Group Mobile Solutions in our pdf

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