Managing the move from Blackberry SWS to Good

By Rex Mayo:

Since mid-March 2016 BlackBerry BES12 customers wanting to either renew their annual SWS client access licenses (CALs) or add additional SWS CALs have been advised by BlackBerry that they are no longer available. Instead they have to purchase Good EMM Suite licences. So what can customers expect?

Right now, customers are directed to purchase Good EMM Suite licences to support their devices running SWS. It will require a Good EMM Solution, so to continue managing iOS and generic Android devices using BES12, customers will have to install Good, either on-premise or Cloud, and integrate this with their existing BES 12 installation.

The Good EMM Suite software is free, as is BES12, yet the equivalent licences are more expensive: BES12 SWS annual CALs are £48 compared to annual Good EMM Suite licences at £80. However, the BES CALs are per device whereas the Good licences are per user. So there is a saving for users with more than one device.

There is a current amnesty for customers, allowing them to trade up the BES12 SWS CALs to Good EMM Suite licences. In the case of annual CALs traded up during their active period, the remaining months will be transferred to the Good EMM Suite licence. For example, if the BES12 CAL has six months remaining the six months will be transferred to the Good EMM Suite licence.

Although no costs will be incurred for software or licence costs when moving an SWS estate to Good there will be a cost for professional services required to install Good and integrate it with their BES12. Also, if the customer choses an on-premise version of Good they will have to provide the necessary servers and licences to support it.

The consensus of opinion is that Good provides a better user experience than BES12 SWS for iOS and generic Android. And we understand the BlackBerry roadmap aims to consolidate the strengths of BES and Good into a more integrated solution. But in the interim period, both existing and new customers will have to install two MDM solutions side-by-side to manage the full mobile estate.

Ultimately, the integrated MDM solution will enable organizations to exploit the benefits of the improved functionality which will better support their mobile estate, including deployment and management of business critical applications. It will also provide an improved end-user experience.

With over 2,500+ MDM servers installed and managed, Interchange teams have the experience to assist organizations in their transition to meet the broad and varying demands of today.