Eliminate all browser-borne malware

Expand and protect your security perimeter

Employees access the web every day but browsers are the number one target for cyber criminals.

They are exploited to deposit advanced, undetectable malware on endpoint devices and launch stealth attacks on internal business resources and so the Isla web malware isolation system has been designed to eliminate the threat.

The Isla approach

By isolating malware, it is possible to eliminate all browser-borne malware from entering the enterprise. It delivers:

  • Security – Built with patent-pending isolation technology, which integrates six levels of protection and isolation
  • Performance – Designed to deliver the same performance as desktop browsers by shifting all the “heavy lifting” to the appliance
  • Scalability – Able to deploy appliances, add users, and rapidly scale capacity based on the needs and growth of the organization

Uncompromising security – simple installation

The Isla Malware Isolation appliance family delivers powerful protection in an easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage package.

Appliances are available in a range of configurations supporting between 90 and 1800 concurrent users enabling you to easily scale the solution to your needs.

Isla clients – connecting all your endpoints

Enterprise Viewer
A secure, lightweight agent installed on the protected endpoint to provide a single, secure interface for all web browsing activities so that all potential malware is isolated outside of the network.

Isla Zero Client
A transparent, state of the art HTML5-based client which is automatically “pushed” into the endpoints’ current web browser.

Isla Control Center- centralized management and control

The center provides IT security managers with the tools required for fast deployment and management of Isla appliances across the enterprise and is available as a soft appliance or a hardware-based appliance.


“GTRI believes the isolation technology implemented in Isla is effective at preventing the impact of web-based threats to end users.”

Georgia Technical Research Institute


For more information on how Isla Malware can integrate with your organization’s security contact us at info@interchangegroup.com.