Interchange partners with Apply Mobile to secure data use on mobile devices

London, UK – Interchange, the award-winning specialists in the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions, announces its partnership with Apply Mobile, provider of mobile security and data security solutions.

Hans Sporrel, Chief Sales Officer at Interchange, said: “We work with clients to meet the challenges of evolving digital demands and securing data, transactions and networks is vital. It’s why we have partnered with Apply Mobile, as we recognise that they offer security tools which protect organizations but that don’t negatively impact the user experience.”

Interchange has pioneered a dynamic approach to helping clients. As well addressing current priorities, its analysts review emerging technologies and providers to ensure that clients can maintain and improve systems, processes and their customers’ digital experience.

“We understand what it takes for companies to stay ahead of the curve,” adds Sporrel, “Apply Mobile offers distinct advantages for organizations that need a robust yet simple approach to manage and secure the use of data on mobile devices.”

Craig McDermott, CEO of Apply Mobile, said: “Our solution iDENtear is a self-sufficient and intelligent device that connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other computing device without any physical connections.”

iDENtear is a hardware device and is not susceptible to risks commonly associated with most software-based equivalents. It does not rely on the safety or security of the operating system on the computing device. It also marries the need for strong access controls and authentication with ease of use as there is no need for users to juggle multiple security devices. iDENtear is so simple it can even be operated within your pocket if you chose to do so.

Apply Mobile’s iDENprotect software product uses the security chips within the mobile device itself so that security can be anchored to the latest mobile security features. Underpinned by hardware, this security architecture is not common in other solutions and is therefore without some of the risks associated with software security only.

“We are delighted to partner with Interchange,” McDermott adds, “the company has the experience and international sales and marketing resources to help us reach out to more organizations that will benefit from iDENtear and iDENprotect.”

“Security is essential but so is ease of use and cost,” concludes Sporrel, “Apply Mobile’s iDENtear is not only device agnostic but replaces access control hardware devices, password generators, smart-cards and smart-card readers, with one simple single-click device.

“iDENprotect offers similar functionality for slightly less demanding environments. Its smart use of on-device security still makes it above par compared to competitive software products. Apply Mobile products offer clear advantages for clients seeking high levels of security assurance while ensuring a simple user experience.”

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About Interchange

Interchange is an award-winning provider of mobile applications, as well as mobile working and systems integration solutions.

As change is constant Interchange works with customers, research and technology partners to identify today´s needs of CIOs and CEOs and introduce mission-critical software and hardware products to accommodate them. Offering a blend of leading technology solutions, devoted managed services and consultancy has helped customers to thrive.

About Apply Mobile

Formed in 2011, Apply Mobile is a privately-owned mobile security specialist. Its flagship products iDENtear and iDENprotect use the latest secure authentication and access technology.

iDENtear is key fob or credit card sized, easy to use, device agnostic and robust. It offers authenticated access to sensitive networks or services regardless of technology or trustworthiness of the mobile device. iDENtear provides real segregated two-factor authentication and replaces calculator-type devices with improved security, user experience, portability and a lower price point.

iDENprotect is a software authentication version of iDENtear but without the need for additional hardware, perfect for organizations who do not have the maximum security requirements. iDENprotect uses the latest security chips within mobile devices to underpin security and deliver a great user experience. iDENtear and iDENprotect can also be deployed within one organisation and managed from the same admin console.