– balancing risk and reward

It takes constant vigilance, innovation and know-how to tackle today’s Hydra-headed security threats and so Interchange Group will be part of Infosecurity Benelux, the event dedicated to managing risk and optimizing performance.

The event will open its doors in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht on 2-3 November and Interchange Group will be co-exhibiting Apply Mobile’s hardware and software solutions for mobile devices. Infosecurity’s theme this year is ‘Make your data-driven business thrive’ and solving the conundrum of securing data yet enhancing its use was what motivated the team behind Apply Mobile.

They recognized that existing methods designed for mobile devices were cumbersome and expensive and so focused on a new approach that would combine high levels of security with a simple user experience.

Its solutions are proving ideal for today’s increasingly mobile workforce, facilitating access for employees yet providing organizations with the peace of mind that its data is secure.

We are looking forward to learning more from other participants and we will report back on what attendees tell us about the major issues they are facing today.

For those participating in Utrecht, don’t forget to visit us at booth B134