Maximum mobile device security, minimum fuss

iDENtear – the hardware breakthrough

Mobile devices are key to enhancing productivity as staff look to work anywhere, anytime and clients seek a simple, cost-effective way to secure data access for employees using laptops and smartphones.

Apply Mobile’s iDENtear®, a user-friendly multi-factor authentication device for mobile platforms, is the breakthrough needed.

iDENtear – security at the click of a button:

  • Credit card shaped, users simply connect with a click of a single button activating true multi-layered and multi-factored security to protect data, transactions and networks
  • There is no screen to read, no tiny button sequences to push. It works with any Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device
  • It’s cost effective too as it replaces traditional security devices such as smartcards, RSA SecureID and smartcard readers, creating up to a 70% saving on existing spend
  • Administrators can monitor use via a simple web-based console – iSPA (Secure Provisioning and Authentication Server) which automatically maintains security logs and provides management information at a glance


Data is encrypted and information between iDENtear and the mobile device cannot be intercepted, even if there are vulnerabilities with the mobile device.

So with security taken care of – organizations and their people can work freely.

iDENprotect – the simple software solution

Apply Mobile’s iDENprotect™ is a simple, scalable software solution that uses the security chip within the mobile device, leveraging its operating system security features to manage identities.

It ensures an effective level of security as the security chip within the mobile device cannot be removed.

iDENprotect – optimizing in-built mobile device security:

  • The software is bound to the mobile device
  • The iDENprotect key is generated in a trusted execution environment (secure enclave) and cannot be removed from the device
  • It has jailbreak detection, file integrity checks and secure pass-through technology
  • It integrates with TouchID and leading technology providers


The iSPA management console also manages iDENprotect, so that administrators can keep track of use and security logs for both iDENtear and iDENprotect users simultaneously.

So your organization, your people and all mobile devices communication remain secure and productive.


For more information on how Apply Mobile’s iDENtear and iDENprotect products can integrate with your organization’s security contact us at