Operational and predictive intelligence for Smart cities

Using data science to solve tough problems

Our cities are facing increasingly complex and multidimensional challenges.

Traffic congestion, parking management, pollution, energy consumption, tourism flow, public health services, are only some examples of what city managers face.

HAL24K has designed a state-of- the-art technology platform to harness vast amounts of data from connected devices such as smart phones, sensors and drones.

It then analyzes and visualizes these multidimensional data streams so that cities, governments and businesses have a clear picture of operations and can react to problem areas in real-time.

HAL24K – a unique data intelligence platform

With HAL24K is it possible to make data-driven decisions even in complex environments.

By leveraging data science techniques – such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and complex event processing – tough, multidimensional problems are visualized and addressed.

HAL24K – innovation and implementation

HAL24K employs some of the best data science experts in Europe, to help you with the implementation, data collection, cleaning, enrichment, analysis and intelligence visualization.

Its cross-Atlantic roots also allow it to continue to combine the latest market and technology insights from Silicon Valley with the problem-solving expertise found at Europe’s leading research institutes and universities.

HAL24K – see today, shape tomorrow

HAL24K’s tools and services are designed to work with current insights so that they can be used to predict future events.

By working with true operational intelligence, smart cities will become better cities for all.


For more information on HAL24K’s Data Intelligence Platform and its data science expertise contact us at info@interchangegroup.com.