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Offsite support and communication

The efficient flow of information can transform operations.

Speed of response is vital to improving the customer experience and employees benefit as time is saved once job info is at hand via their mobile device.

With PUSHLOOP essential updates and work instructions can be distributed to offsite teams and they can report back to the office using text, photos, or audio files.

Engineers will always have up-to-date technical and maintenance information and can feed back expenses or reports including visuals, and ensure that faults or installations are completed smoothly. These reports can then be used within customer support systems or CRM software packages. The utilization of such software can greatly improve the customer satisfaction of your business. If you’re looking for such software, you may come across some of the top CRM providers, in which case you might then ask what is salesforce, or have a look at other similar software providers available.

Sales teams will be equipped with the right pricing information and can capture leads. In fact, wherever there is a situation when a rapid exchange of information matters, we’ll have a mobile module that will provide your people with the solution they need at their fingertips.


This module allows the back office to supply staff with the procedures and reference information they need when dealing with customers or offsite tasks.

PUSHLOOP Library is the ideal tool for administrators to update, distribute and manage information. It is a secure way to push the right information to the right person or group, and monitor receipt and use.

The module can act as a reference library for audio/video training files, and service manuals and procedures. Through the distribution of custom business forms, it offers a simple way for field workers to quickly capture field data.

A true business productivity app, PUSHLOOP Library allows for auditing of communication trails and can de-brief teams and improve responses and future output. Businesses may want to combine this with other productivity software to aid them, you can look here for additional helpful software in this area.


Let your administrators easily create and push out key contact lists to field workers’ smartphones, available and to hand even if they are offline. Whether in need of support staff, client or supplier contacts, users simply click to email, call, or text.

Multiple lists can be created, for example to send out to different departments or locations, via the easy-to-use web-based console.


For organizations that wish to fully document work undertaken in the field and have the data seamlessly synchronized to your back-end systems and support staff, PUSHLOOP Events provides the capture and collect functionality you will need.

Teams on the ground can report back to the office using text, photo, audio or video files. Each event is securely time stamped, marked with a GPS location.

Multimedia-based evidence of field work can radically reduce the amount of note taking and washup time required. Then the immediate synchronization and auditing of uploads reduces the possibility for tampering.

Organizations will have proof of the work undertaken and the status of the job and without waiting for field workers to return to the office and upload their evidence.

Office-based staff can then assist field workers while they’re still on-site or provide management decisions so that issues can be resolved swiftly. It improves customer satisfaction and allows for shorter billing and payment cycles.

Easy-to-use and cost-effective, PUSHLOOP works for your teams and works for you.

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PUSHLOOP also helps organizations keep their staff safe during emergencies and ensures people receive and respond to critical staff communications.