Automation is transforming how we support staff, operations and sales

Better for your workflow, people and customers

Field service automation allows you to improve visibility across operations as well as boost speed of response.

For staff working offsite, maintaining a flow of information is vital, from relaying emergency and critical communications through to updates that they need when dealing with customers.

All organizations differ. So we start by understanding existing processes and we then create practical routes to automate the areas which traditionally slow your ability to respond.

We can also manage ongoing automation requirements, cutting administration costs and enabling you to analyse service performance and profitability.

You can rely on our expertise to create change that will deliver for your people and your business.

We provide:

Technical and professional services

  • Solution design
  • MDM / Technical consultancy and training
  • Installation and configuration
  • Systems integration
  • Process review and business consultancy
  • Ongoing support
  • Maintenance


Mobile solutions

Our apps will make sure your engineers always have the right up-to-date information available on their mobile devices.

Service to Field (S2F) is a comprehensive mobile solution that integrates with field service management and planning systems. It enables optimized processes to be deployed in the field, improving productivity, efficiency and reporting accuracy.

Less-Very-Small-logo   PUSHLOOP 
is a simple, cost-effective, mobile app solution that ensures that you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time – essential for organizations that rely on the secure flow of communications.

The app modules allow administrators to create communication channels so that critical information can be circulated. Teams working offsite can even feed back videos, pictures, voice notes, or text in their reports.

PUSHLOOP offers the functionality your organization needs to keep critical communications with your field workers flowing.

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“We’ve seen identifiable and significant improvements in stock handling, in speed of procurement, more comprehensive and effective service agreements, better support for customer satisfaction reviews and improved call handling. Interchange have helped us not just at the hardware level, but at the more complex and challenging levels of systems and application software and data interchange.”

Manager information systems at international ICT services group

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