Fast and secure mobile communications

PUSHLOOP app lets organizations manage fast and secure mobile communications

Mobile solutions specialist PUSHLOOP, an Interchange ecosystem partner, has launched an app designed to channel vital communications between organizations and their people.

The rapid and secure flow of information is essential today which is why PUSHLOOP has worked with clients to create a solution that can support businesses, government, NGOs and educational institutions.

“PUSHLOOP has recognized that all organizations share a common need, namely the requirement to communicate quickly, securely and effectively and enable instant access for staff to crucial information,” comments Hans Sporrel, Chief Sales Officer at Interchange. “The app ensures that administrators can push information to users’ mobile phones with ease from a web-based console and monitor document handling.

“With PUSHLOOP people not only have off- and online access to text, audio or video files but they can respond too, for example, sending signed documents or audio or picture files when offsite. It offers all the functionality to meet the demands of today in a cost effective manner.”

PUSHLOOP is module-based so that organizations can select which functionality best suits their requirements. It has also been designed to address specific issues, such as emergency management, when it is vital that people have up-to-date contact lists and procedures to hand.

When it comes to the day-to-day needs, PUSHLOOP’s Field worker support provides staff working offsite with the updates and feedback functionality via their phones. And PUSHLOOP’s Critical staff communication acts as a living library, circulating documents and audio or video files for training or briefings.

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