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Keeping your staff safe, coordinated and informed

It is one thing to plan for a crisis and quite another to live it. When time is critical, providing staff with access to up-to-date contact lists and procedures via their mobile devices is essential.

PUSHLOOP is a cost-effective and intuitive app that keeps people informed and able to act according to plan during an emergency. It also offers staff on the ground the ability to report back from the field.

Easy to incorporate into existing emergency plans, PUSHLOOP is designed to support businesses, government, NGOs, but also health and safety planning for public spaces, such as campuses, sporting events or festivals, in fact, any arena where safety and security matters.


“This is now a critical part of our regular and emergency communication plans.”

CIO, international development consultancy


In an emergency situation people need to know who to contact and with PUSHLOOP Contact List that up-to-date list will always be to hand. During an incident users simply click to email, call, or text one or all of the emergency contacts.

Administrators can easily create and push out key contact lists to users’ smartphones. These are stored on the mobile device and so are available at all times, even if users are offline. Multiple emergency lists can be created for different users, departments or locations via the easy-to-use web-based console.



Apart from knowing who to contact, people should have the information they need to know how to act. PUSHLOOP Library enables administrators and controllers to send critical and ongoing updates and notifications to each device. The app guarantees that users always have access to the latest emergency procedures and information.

Administrators can not only push out information but can also distribute forms, creating a simple way to audit communication trails, receive acknowledgement of receipt and understanding, as well as de-brief staff so that everyone is better equipped to deal with future urgent situations.



For organizations that recognise the value in receiving real-time updates, PUSHLOOP Events provides the most comprehensive functionality available. Its capture and collect feature allows people on the ground to describe what’s happening using text, photos, audio and video reports.

When time is of the essence, a picture or dictation is a fast and easy way to get in-scene information back to the office. It allows controllers to see what’s happening as staff and security officers maintain order, respond to incidents, and organize emergency first-aid treatment.

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PUSHLOOP helps orgs manage day to day efficiencies, including support for field workers and ensuring people receive and respond to critical staff communications.