Prioritise, secure and distribute key messages

Making sure your people are in the loop

With PUSHLOOP, you can ensure that Critical staff communication will reach your people, wherever they are.

Organizations cannot rely on e-mail alone as the volume of messages can mean essential directives and updates are missed. So we’ve worked with clients to enable pushing information securely to mobile devices in a way that is highly visible and simple to respond to.

It’s easy for administrators as they can distribute material in line with their organization’s branding, track delivery, see who has opened the material and receive feedback from recipients. They can even make content available for a specified period, allowing for files to be automatically removed on a specified date.

And PUSHLOOP makes communications that much easier for users as there is no more searching for old email attachments or waiting for videos to download. They simply open the material and complete and return forms, questionnaires and offsite updates via the app.

PUSHLOOP makes it possible to replace existing, slow paper-based forms with information on the app that instantly synchronizes with back office systems. You can customize forms and even create mini-apps using open standards. Think of it as a single app investment that works like a corporate app platform.

PUSHLOOP works to put you and your people in control.

“It encourages people to deal with issues as they arrive; people have no excuse to be out of contact. Users are now more efficient and effective for the business.”

Centre for Assessment and Recognition


This module is vital for organizations which require effective and secure staff communication. You may want to combine it with software from companies like Fusion Connect if the workforce has to work remotely at any point, it can offer an all round service.

With PUSHLOOP Library, information can be quickly updated, distributed and managed via users’ mobile devices.

Designed to be clear and easy to navigate, there are no cumbersome folder trees, but intuitive channels which can be customized per user group.

Administrators can send out multiple documents to specific recipients through a single click in their browser, synchronize files and be confident that the information is secure.

They can also monitor that it has been delivered and opened, and users can acknowledge receipt and understanding – vital when dealing with health & safety, compliance or other business critical issues.

As well as text, audio or video files, you can send notifications to each device and get immediate feedback on business documents, send out staff surveys, or quickly and effectively manage incidents.

Fast, efficient and easy to audit, you’ll save time and increase business productivity.


No more paper hand-outs with health & safety contacts. This module allows organizations to create and push out key contact lists to users’ smartphones so that they have the information they need to hand at all times.

The lists are stored on the mobile device so they are available even when users are offline. There is no need to search for a card in a wallet which may not even be up-to-date. Your people simply open the app and click to email, call, or text one or all of the contacts.


Speed of response and task completion is vital and organizations can only be truly responsive if they can receive and process real-time events, whether in the office or offsite.

With this module’s capture and collect feature, users can process information using the customized forms you create and send video, picture or audio files as well as text. The ability to respond also allows them to demonstrate understanding of mobile training courses, handle expenses, or document offsite visits.

Whether approving or amending documents, your people can be confident that their input will reach their organization and appropriate action is taken.

PUSHLOOP Events make it simple.

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PUSHLOOP also helps organizations keep their staff safe during emergencies and gives field workers the tools they need to be efficient and productive.