Optimize task management

Improve processes and customer relationships

Any organization with responsibility for infrastructure and customer communications will gain from a simple and effective way to manage complex activities.

CenterOne has a long-track record creating effective solutions that are either cloud-based or deployed on premise. Employees benefit from the right process support, enabling them to better manage the daily demands necessary to maintain core infrastructure.

Customers are helped too, through CenterOne’s intuitive relationship management solution which allows employees to easily store and retrieve information and resolve issues.

“The integration of administrative data with geographic information is powerful.”

Waterschap Hunze en Aa’s


Created for organizations, local authorities and government bodies seeking a simple yet powerful process management solution for licensing, enforcement and supervision tasks.

  • Efficient management of licensing, enforcement and monitoring tasks
  • Overview of task history and geographical information by location and company
  • Users can manage and maintain tasks with ease
  • Easy to connect to existing business and geographic applications


Developed in cooperation with water authorities, the solution offers efficient and targeted support for licensing, enforcement and monitoring.

  • Licensing, enforcement and supervision is simple and fast
  • Overview of activity and geographical information by location and company
  • Easy to set up, intuitive to use
  • Simple integration with existing third-party systems

Center1 CRM

Designed to optimize customer relationship management for SMEs, organizations and local authorities, via a flexible, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Each contact is stored and secured centrally
  • Capture all correspondence and actions
  • Exportable to MS Excel, for further analysis using pivot tables and charts
  • Create mail outs and track responses, plus link with social media
  • Access customer data anytime, anywhere via the CRM app


Introduced to allow organizations to collect aerial photography and recordings of infrastructures, locations and events.

  • Inspect inaccessible locations and map hard-to-reach locations from the air
  • Live viewing features
  • Software allows for digital modeling and comparisons enabling defect detection
  • Integrate enforcement processes in intelligence from the air
  • All recordings automatically provided with GPS coordinates
  • Adapt drone equipment; cameras, thermal multispectral cameras, sensors to record air or water quality

For more information on how CenterOne can integrate with your organization’s process management system contact us at info@interchangegroup.com.