Big data and mobility

By Colin Marden:

Big data provides companies with the information they need to support decision making at all levels. Its insights are driving company growth, enabling innovation and creating competitive advantage. However, inevitably, big data is also introducing new complexity.

Its potential, combined with regulation and the increased use of mobile technology, requires that information is readily available, via a number of channels, yet in a manner which respects rigorous security obligations.

Balancing usability and security is the challenge, and it is changing how we think about data, network perimeters and device management. Today, companies and individuals must take reasonable steps to protect information or risk facing severe penalties. While people understand that information security is important, in practical terms, few are happy to compromise on user experience and this has made many traditional products less appealing.

It was the tension between security and usability that prompted us to consider a different approach to authentication. We set ourselves the challenge of creating hardware and software solutions that would meet user and business requirements: simplicity, security and cost effectiveness.

Our extensive background in security, manufacturing and mobile technology led us to developing iDENtear and iDENprotect. We believe that these multi-factor authentication solutions address core needs as follows:

Simplicity: A seamless one-click experience removes the usually clunky approach associated with multi-factor authentication.

Security: An intelligent design (FIPS 140-2 L3*) provides the assurance required to effectively defend your data practices.

Cost-effectiveness: From big data to door access, a unique approach and customer focus that delivers a single solution which integrates with various platforms, solving a variety of problems.

Combining big data and identity and access control solutions provides executives and data analysts with assurance that they can work with the information they need, wherever they are, and have confidence that their data is secure.

* Module in Progress


Colin is general manager of security technology company Apply Mobile. Read more about the company’s mobile authentication products here.