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Assure  Logo There is no single reason for projects not to realise the benefits promised at the outset

But most don't.

Over the last 30 years, there has been a remorseless decline in hardware costs as a proportion of total project costs. Now, after a period when we saw software licence fees increasing, software costs are also facing a downward trend.

On the other hand, the organisational costs facing any business implementing even moderate change, be it to systems, processes, or structure have increased dramatically over the same timeframe.

At the same time, organisations have also reduced their own non-core resources to the point where internal IT and project management departments can only undertake an IT systems maintenance. Sponsoring, implementing and managing large scale change confidently is often beyond their reach.

No wonder there has been a corresponding increase in the risk of a failure to deliver the full benefits anticipated for a project, or even that the project will fail completely.


The main causes of failure to deliver:

  • Inadequate Scope Definition
  • Poor Project Management
  • Informal Change Management
  • Inadequate Monitoring and Control
  • Poor Client Management
  • Insufficient Risk Characterisation
    and Management

Source: British Computer Society, 2001

It is for these reasons that we have developed the essential Management Consultancy product offering assure.

assure is a comprehensive risk management system designed to guarantee that the maximum benefits will be delivered according to a formal specification, at the right time, in the right way, and within budget through the provision of superior advice and assistance.

After 25 years we know how to avoid the most common reasons for project failure and we're willing to put a portion of our fees where our mouth is.

Read our white paper on the need for a formal approach to Risk Management

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